Everyone Multi-Tasks: No One Does It Well

Think you do? Think again. For most people, multi-tasking isn’t possible. What we really do well is task switching, or completing individual actions in rapid succession. This is called solo tasking – what our brains are better wired for. Sure, folding laundry and watching Netflix, that you can do. But for complex tasks, especially atContinue reading “Everyone Multi-Tasks: No One Does It Well”

Boost Your Brain While At The Ballpark

You’re at your first spectator event! What your brain doesn’t need is a hot dog, fries and a diet soda – all choices that lead to poor memory, impaired learning and inflammation of the hippocampus, considered the heart of your brain, the part involved in emotions, learning, and memory formation. You’ve been taxed enough! YourContinue reading “Boost Your Brain While At The Ballpark”

People Who are Good with Money: Wellness Tips for Better Financial Health

When we think about our overall wellness, our finances may not be top of mind, but they should be! A strong sense of financial wellbeing reduces stress and contributes to an enhanced sense of emotional wellbeing. The sense of security and freedom we have when our finances are in order gives us greater peace ofContinue reading “People Who are Good with Money: Wellness Tips for Better Financial Health”

Good time management is good stress management

“Time. time. TIME!”  This was the resounding refrain in the participant chat in today’s wellness session for a client. It came during the section where we covered how to take stress management STRATEGIES and build them into SKILLS. For most of us, we didn’t learn how to do this in any formal class or courseContinue reading “Good time management is good stress management”

What Does a Health Coach Do?

Wellness coaching now ranks Number 5 on an annual employer wellness trend survey, taking its biggest jump to date. What do they do, exactly? Let’s break it down. I am a wellness coach and health educator. I help employees improve their health in areas like emotional health, stress management, nutrition and physical activity. I likeContinue reading “What Does a Health Coach Do?”