Eating Well in Summer

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‘I’m a big eater.’ ‘I like to eat.’ When clients come @ me with this defense, I like to reply, “Yes, you’re among many!” and “Who doesn’t?” My easy-to-remember tips that work any time, but especially in summer:
·       If portions trip you up, make half your plate fruits and vegetables and you won’t be hungry. Eat whole fruits and choose a ‘rainbow’ of veggies for lots of nutrients.
·       Make half your grains whole grains. You get fiber for gut health, no deprivation of your beloved carbs, and you stay full longer.
·       Vary your protein routine. There’s more to life than burgers and chicken wings! Hint: Americans don’t consume enough of this, and it swims in the sea…

There you have it: three steps for better summertime eating for food lovers everywhere.