Zip, pep, power, pizazz. No matter the word, from time to time we all seek a boost of energy to power through our day and all of its demands. Here are ten natural ways to put some liveliness into your life.

1.     SLEEP

Everything is easier, lighter when you are rested. It puts you in a better mood, you’re in better humor, you can follow through if you have gotten a good night’s rest. Commit to one sleep roadblock that is keeping you from your pillow. Here’s my hint: your devices are at the top of the list. Two words to live by: phone down (one hour before bedtime).


Energy begets energy. It may sound counterintuitive that moving your body creates energy, but research says it’s true. Even five minutes of walking creates a hormonal burst of energy in your body. And for a high-speed burst of energy, a blast of body movement, like a few power punches, wall push-ups, even marching in place will literally get the blood flowing.

3.     FOOD

Eat for your brain and body not your emotions when you want energy. Your head may say I’m tired let’s load up on coffee and a gooey muffin. Yet for optimum energy suppress that notion. Your body needs a little lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats. A better choice would be avocado toast, a banana and whole grain cereal, maybe an egg.  For a snack, a small piece of dark chocolate is both enjoyable and been shown to improve brain function!


Nothing can create mental energy like crossing something off your to-do list. So go for one micro-task: make that dreaded call or tackle that chore and bask in the energy of achievement. The results can last for quite some time and may be just the thing to jump start you on to even more.

5.     MUSIC

Studies say listening to music can stimulate brain waves. Turning on a music app like Spotify or iTunes especially when it cues up to your ‘favorites’ playlist can give you an energetic boost from the jump.


Nature, fresh air, Vitamin D via sunlight – getting outdoors gets you out of your head. Simply removing yourself physically can simply transport your energy force.


Stretching increases the circulation of blood and oxygen to your muscles, which can help improve energy levels and encourage waste removal from your tissues. Stretching helps you use energy more efficiently, since a contracted muscle requires more energy to move than a relaxed one. Besides flexibility, the goal of stretching is to promote the flow of energy in your upper and lower body. The seated forward bend is a great one to try for stamina.

Breathing: When your cells don’t get enough oxygen, they don’t have the fuel to slough off toxins, which causes you to get bogged down and tired. By supplying your cells with enough oxygen, you improve your ability to remove toxic waste, and your immunity system can benefit. Here’s a good breathing exercise that you can do anywhere. Inhale through the nose for 2 counts , exhale through the mouth for 2 counts, then do the same for 3 and 4 counts. It’s called a 2-3-4 pattern. Do this once a day to start, then as much as you find useful. You’ll also notice when you start breathing properly, your energy level will be more consistent: less highs, less lows.


Stay connected to people, and don’t forget your pets as a source of connection! Further, check to see if you’re surrounded by a negativity vibe. People who complain all the time will naturally cause you to become mentally drained. Find people who spark your feelings of positivity, peace and calm. Or get some alone time to nix negativity and recharge on your own.


Laughing causes your body to release those all-important endorphins, which legally provide you a shot of motivation, productivity, and well-being.  So, laugh your way to higher energy and the world is sunshine in your house.

So, there you have it. Ten easy energy hacks. All natural and all at your fingertips. Monster drinks not necessary.

Photo: Eiliv.Sonas.Aceron on Unsplash