How to Party Safe in 2020

We’re all feeling ‘Pandemic Fatigue’ – we’re tired of hearing and thinking about the dangers of COVID-19 and all the related changes this virus has forced on us, affecting our everyday lives, work and activities. You may even feel resentment about some new restrictions after all these months when you followed the guidelines (wore aContinue reading “How to Party Safe in 2020”

How to Protect Your Skin in Three Easy Steps

Summertime and all the time is the right time for skin care! Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash Did you know your skin covers 21 square feet (roughly a kitchen table), weighs 9 pounds (think bowling ball) and is 15 percent of your body weight? And it renews every 28 days! Our skin may be the most overlookedContinue reading “How to Protect Your Skin in Three Easy Steps”

How to Make Food, Fitness and Feelings Your Go-To Prescription

Men’s emotions have cracked wide open and the sweetener points to better health Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash A shred of positivity to already emerge from the COVID-19 global pandemic and the amplification of racial justice is a breakdown of stigma regarding our emotional well-being – and that’s particularly good news for men and their overall health.Continue reading “How to Make Food, Fitness and Feelings Your Go-To Prescription”

You’re doing SO much less now compared to being out in the world…or are you?

I’m in quarantine – why am I so tired? Photo by Mel Elías on Unsplash This quarantine. You have all the ‘physical comforts” of home. You work from home. You dine from home (endlessly). You socialize from home. You work out (or not) from home. You are entertained from home (so many options!). You occasionally leave to getContinue reading “You’re doing SO much less now compared to being out in the world…or are you?”

Tackling health habits during tough times

Photo by Mariana Medvedeva on Unsplash Habits –whether healthy or unhealthy –are made the same way: by repeating an action until it becomes become a pattern. And in order to take on a healthy habit, we need a reward for that behavior to keep us motivated, to make it easier to stick to, until that new habit tooContinue reading “Tackling health habits during tough times”

Take Five For Your Mental Fitness

Emotional Health in Challenging Times Humans are the best story tellers. And throughout history we have always had quite a story to tell about the challenging times we endure, and the present will be no different. Humans are also the most anxious species. And we are really good at change; history shows genetically we are survivors,Continue reading “Take Five For Your Mental Fitness”

Sleep is Your Superpower in Challenging Times

Our sleep is likely affected by any change to our routine, structure or environment – I know mine is. If you are having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or even going to sleep, take two minutes now to refresh one of these strategies to adopt as your own superpower and you’ll be on your wayContinue reading “Sleep is Your Superpower in Challenging Times”

Eight Simple Strategies to Boost Your Immunity

Photo by Tiard Schulz on Unsplash Your immune system protects you against disease and infection and even helps you recover after an injury.  And it is complex, made up of cells, processes, and chemicals, and fights off viruses, toxins, and bacteria.  But what you can do to protect your immune system can be done in these eight simpleContinue reading “Eight Simple Strategies to Boost Your Immunity”

We Thought We Were Special Teams. Sales Thought We Were The Cheerleaders.

I was a mid-level marketing manager at a Fortune 100 manufacturing company, with many divisions acting in silos and whose revenue was driven by a highly compensated sales culture. The sales process was consultative, complex and rooted in long-standing customer relationships. We were the dominant player, but the landscape was changing, as competitors were moreContinue reading “We Thought We Were Special Teams. Sales Thought We Were The Cheerleaders.”

How Dirty Money and Manicures Led to Life-Long Health Habits

When I was in my last semester of high school, my schedule left me three afternoons a week without any classes, starting at 1p.m. I couldn’t leave campus unless I had a vocational job. I was going to college, so that was out. However, if you could convince the Vocational Director that a job wouldContinue reading “How Dirty Money and Manicures Led to Life-Long Health Habits”