Susan believes the difference between a worksite wellness program that works well and one that doesn’t depends on two critical variables: awareness that the program exists; and whether or not employees can be persuaded to participate. And while her expertise can be leveraged at any stage of wellness program implementation, the foundation and core of a successful wellness program must include communications that effectively reach and engage employees.


Wellness Program Strategy and Execution

  • Executive presentations, garnering CEO support, creating a wellness team/committee, ensuring implementation keystones are fully integrated into the program, collecting data (such as surveys, health assessments) to drive health efforts, carefully crafting an operating plan, vendor selection.

Communications and Employee Engagement

  • Develop overall promotion development and execution of a health promotion and employee engagement strategy, collaborate in development and delivery of promotional campaigns, focus on employee satisfaction and increased engagement and involvement.
  • Assist HR with coordination of wellness events/health fairs; guest speakers, health assessment, open enrollment, family wellness event, annual biometric event, etc.
  • Coordinate or conduct seminars, group activities, educational classes and programs on high risk health and wellness topics.

Consider partnering with Susan for:

New engagements: Just getting a wellness program off the ground? Including Susan early in the design process ensures that communications and other implementation milestones are fully integrated into the program. Her creative thinking and tested communications strategies will help you put your program on the best trajectory. Services could include: executive presentations; a communications “HRA”; and wellness program branding.

Client hand-offs: Implementation is everything, so engaging Susan to bring a wellness plan to life is a strong investment for both the client and the vendor. Working within your implementation framework and utilizing her high touch, high service rules of engagement will help ensure program success, providing a clear but seamless value-add. Services could include: team dynamics and account management consultation; and employee engagement communications continuum analysis.

Existing programs: Need a partner to think things through, refresh communications or craft innovative ideas? Susan serves as your strategic partner to articulate your wellness vision and mission and energize your planning process. Even successful programs will benefit from the innovative and fresh perspective that Susan brings to wellness program management and communications ideas. Services could include: brainstorm ideation sessions; comprehensive review of all wellness communication materials; and target messaging counsel that increases participation, engagement and satisfaction through collateral, health fair materials and other communications vehicles.

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