I help strengthen your existing abilities to make healthy decisions about your well-being in the areas of physical activity, healthy eating, managing stress, career, financial wellness, tobacco cessation, medical self-care and social well-being (which I define as your purpose, your community, your mission).  Together, we determine overall goals and a plan to support a higher level of health and well-being for lasting change!

Coaching sessions are done in person or over the phone. While face-to-face sessions can allow a more personal interaction, once we know each other, phone calls often offer less distractions and more can be accomplished using the most efficient use of time.

After an initial planning session where we review your well-being assessment, give yourself a three-month minimum commitment for lasting change. Invest the time in yourself so we can explore the best path of success for you. Please reach out to me; I am happy to explain in detail how the overall coaching process works. Let’s see if it’s right for you!

More than anything, people value their health most when they lose it. Let’s make that positive by being ‘functionally fit’ so you can enjoy the activities that enrich both your life and your soul. What a strong first step!  With a kind and always humorous approach, my ability to listen and partner with honesty and love can energize and envision your desire to change, allowing us to explore together sustainable, reasonable changes that enrich every aspect of your life and a brand new way of looking at yourself and your abilities.

Here are my nine holistic aspects of health and well-being: I believe our bodies were made to move every day and sit less; our purpose drives our career and well-being; let’s eat smart and eat fresh, yet eat in the real world; sleep is magical; managing stress is a powerful antidote; being mindful opens up everything; partner up on your medical self-carefinancial wellness is a thing; and finally, professional resources for tobacco cessation can help you understand your readiness for long-lasting change.


BACKGROUND:  Health and wellness coaches help people find the energy, motivation and information to make healthy choices every day. We assist individuals to achieve improved health, eliminating or reducing unhealthy behaviors with a goal toward sustainable well-being, lowering healthcare costs for employers and increased job satisfaction and productivity for employees.

HOW:  Wellness coaches apply evidence-based strategies and guidance in coaching sessions for the adoption of specific behaviors shown effective by research to accomplish improved health and maintenance. We assist individuals in tailoring behavior goals and action steps specific to their personal needs and priorities, using effective engagement skills and processes to retain participants and ensure a high level of participant satisfaction. Coaches empower participants by developing plans with them to stay healthy, ways to keep track of their progress, apply intrinsic rewards for their efforts and find support from a community that shares similar goals and interests.

WHERE:  Corporations, health plans and hospitals employ wellness coaches to work on-site or through vendors to enable access to their services by executives and employees. Physician practices use health and wellness coaches to work with patients who have chronic diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles, and many wellness coaches provide their services through private practice.