Change, engage, sustain

your wellbeing.


Together, we determine overall goals and a plan to support a higher level of health and well-being for lasting change.


A successful wellness program must include communications to effectively reach and engage employees.

Impact. It’s a simple word that perfectly sums up the mission, capabilities and commitment behind Kolon Performance Strategies and its principal, Susan Kolon.

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Twizzlers vs. Red Vines

Nearly half of Americans (and maybe you…) now have high blood pressure. Thanks to COVID quarantining, worn-down eating habits, knocking back a few more cocktails, gym closures, forgetting or not adequately filling our meds, disrupted sleep and more emotional stress… yes, for many,…

Diabetes: An Energy Buster Primer

Let’s start with how we eat and how food turns into energy in our bodies: Food is filled with glucose – you use it every day to move and think.That glucose (aka ‘sugar’) breaks down during digestion and travels through your pancreas (courtesy…